Children are welcome and encouraged to be in worship at First Presbyterian Church of Bandon.

Bringing children into the sanctuary is something like letting them eat at the dinner table: even though their manners can be far from elegant, it’s done in the conviction that they are a valued and important part of the family.

Children giggle, poke, and swing their legs, simply because they are children. But they also sing, pray, and give with us.

So this statement is written to suggest that we adults should accept – even value – a child’s restlessness in worship, trusting that they are also learning:

  • that it’s important to come to this place each Sunday
  • that they belong to this special company of people
  • that the sights and sounds and feels of the sanctuary are good, though not always understood
  • that something is expected of them in this place, and they may respond in song, prayer, and in offering

We are pleased to offer nursery care for infants and toddlers; it is provided downstairs in our bright, comfortable and well-equipped nursery, under the watchful eye of our regular caregiver.  Children up to Middle School may go downstairs for church school after the Time for Young Worshipers; pre-schoolers may go to the nursery whenever their parents/caregivers wish.  Parents of our smallest worshipers are welcome to use the comfy chairs in the pastor’s office (adjacent to the sanctuary, and within hearing) for private nursing or comforting if and when needed.

Children of all ages are more than welcome to be in worship.