PW at FPC Bandon are engaged in many kinds of ministry, local and global, traditional and innovative:pw_logo_stained_glass

  1. “chemo kits” of physically, spiritually, and emotionally comforting items which are given to all new chemo patients at our local cancer treatment center
  2. donation of new, often handmade, infant caps and layette items to the MOMS program at Bay Area Hospital, which assists new mothers who cannot provide all that their infants need at discharge¬† (Many of these items come from our “Christmas baby shower,” when we exchange baby gifts for the MOMS program, rather than more “stuff” for ourselves!)
  3. blankets, lap robes and quilts for care home residents and homeless folk
  4. mosquito nets, emergency kits, and school kits for global needs
  5. toiletries for T.H.E. House and the women’s shelter
  6. cell phones for emergency use by clients of the Women’s Safety & Resource Center
  7. financial support of programs such as CASA, Good Neighbor, Camp Millennium, and the Maslow Project